Posterior Nasal Nerve (PNN) Ablation

The EPIC S-Series diode laser is a surgical and therapeutic device at the cutting endge of technology, designed for a wide variety of surgical and soft tissue procedures, as well as for use in providing temporary relief of minor pain. 

Epic S Diode Laser

Nasal congestion and obstruction with watery rhinorrhea (nasal drip). Possible symptoms include itchy nose, sneezing and runny nose. Nasal obstruction may aggravate sleeping conditions and snoring.

Laser Office Procedures


Clinical case: Turbinate hyperplasia.

Ablation of inferior turbinate.

Swell Bodies

Clinical case: Septal swell  bodies.

Ablation of septal swell bodies.

Retrograde Uvuloplasty

Clinical case: Retrograde Uvuloplasty Interstitial.


Clinical case: Cryptolysis

Ablation of Tonsil Crypts


Clinical case: Epistaxis Control

CAUTION: The laser treatment parameters above are provided as a guide and are based on results published or reported by physicians with experience in this indication. Individual treatment should be based on clinical training, clinical observation of laser-tissue interaction, appropriate clinical endpoints and each physician’s own medical judgment.