Mesire Sinus Balloon Catheter

The MESIRETM Balloon catheter is a non-compliant balloon catheter, designed for precise control of the diameter of the balloon during expansion. It also enables accurate placement of the balloon in the sinus ostia with visual indicators (marker bands) & the Illuminus lighted guidewire flanking the sinus ostia.

MESIRETM Balloon Catheter

Precise balloon placement

• Endoscopic markers provide information on balloon location under direct visualization
• Enhanced shaft coloring and markers provide improved visibility under low light

Enhanced tracking and retraction

• Optimized balloon tapers
• Six-fold balloon design
• New balloon insertion stylet enabling smooth balloon insertion into the sinus guide catheter

Increased procedural efficiency

• Precise re-wrapping of balloon
• Less balloon deflation time*


The MESIRETM guide catheters come with a distal tip angle of 0° , 30° , 70° , 90° or 110°, and are designed for targeted navigation of the MesireTM balloon catheter into the respective ostium. MesireTM guide has a soft atraumatic tip which prevents tissue trauma during insertion.

MESIRETM Illuminus

Illuminus is a lighted guide wire that is compatible with a standard fiber optic cable. It aids in sinus cavity navigation and also provides support for the advancement of the sinus balloon catheter into the sinus ostium. Illumination of the wire tip allows precise placement and confirmation of the balloon catheter by the glowing tip and the endoscope being on opposite sides of the ostium where the balloon placement is desired.


Precise balloon placement

• Enables localization of ostium using transillumination flanking the ostium using an endoscope and Mesire Illuminus Sinus Light wire for confident confirmation of sinus access. The Mesire Illuminus Sinus Light Wire lights up the sinus it has entered with a diffuse light visible on the skin in an area just somewhat larger than the sinus. The Endoscope lights up the other side of the ostium.
• Distal-tip design enables responsive transmission of fine adjustment to seek visualized targets
• Compatible with light guide cable, connecting to a standard light source.

Finally! A high quality, cost effective solution!

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