Finally! A high quality, cost effective alternative!!

The MESIRETM Balloon catheter is a non-compliant balloon catheter, designed for precise control of the diameter of the balloon during expansion. It also enables accurate placement of the balloon in the sinus ostia with visual indicators (marker bands) & the Illuminus lighted guidewire flanking the sinus ostia.

A Market Disrupting Technology

    • A high quality, cost effective alternative- challenging the status quo pricing models!
    • Optimized balloon tapers & unique six-fold design leading to enhanced tracking & retraction.
    • Adaptable modular design- The Mesire Sinus Dilation components can be combined to meet your needs. Triple, double or single guides are available upon request.
    • Tired of “bulk-buy discounts” and “specials”? We discount every order, everyday, every quantity!
    • Puts the “feel” of the wire back into your hands.
    • All components individually packaged- only use what you need & save the rest.

Mesire Product Detail

Partnering for the long-term!

Specializing in ENT- Traditional, Hybrid & Balloon Procedures.

We are an independent distributor exclusively focused on ENT. We specialize in providing all of the equipment and instruments you’ll need to perform in-office sinus procedures. From the Mesire balloon, endoscopes, video with image capture, to specialized sinus instruments- we have it all! We source all of our high quality equipment from a select group of manufacturing partners- to provide you with true value. We deliver high quality products at a cost effective price point thus creating value for you. Our business is geared towards being a resource to your practice.  Whether a straight forward balloon case, or a more complex minor FESS case- we’ll have what you need!

Check out our store’s specialty page for all of the standard equipment needed to support in-office balloon cases:

Balloon Procedural Accessories

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