PosiSep X® vs NasoPore®

PosiSep X® is a novel sinus dressing technology used in FESS procedures to support the middle turbinate and to stop bleeding and separate sinus tissue to prevent sinus adhesions

  • Anti Microbial
  • Prevents adhesions
  • Permeable – Biocompatible made of naturally occurring chitosan polymers
PosiSep X Product Sheet

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Clinically significant improved patient outcomes
with respect to healing and hemostasis

PosiSep X® has been specifically engineered with the following features:

  • Thin profile for exceptional field of view while placing in the middle meatus/turbinates
  • Rapid expansion when hydrated (saline solution)
  • Active hemostatic properties
  • Quickly dissolves in about 7-10 days
  • Neutral pH for improved tissue healing
  • Short term support and when there is minimum bleeding (i.e. after Balloon sinuplasty, and MIST procedures)
  • No special storage requirements

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BleedArrest ER for Epistaxis

BleedArrest ER Foam Sponges offer a quick and painless solution for nose bleeds –
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