ENT Specialty Devices

We’ve partnered with a few unique manufacturers to offer you some of the most cutting edge technologies in ENT. Select one of the buttons below to learn more about each innovative product.

Drug Eluting ENT Microsponge

VECTRA™ was specifically
developed to administer
medicinal substances to treat
nasal disorders. The patented
VECTRA™ microsponge is supplied
in a compressed tubular design
preloaded on one end of an insertion
tool. The opposite end of the tool has a
Luer fitting which is connected to a
syringe containing the medicine to be

Vectra F Information
Vectra F Image
Tenax Laser Resistant Endotracheal Tube

Laser Resistant Endotracheal Tube

TenaxTM is latex free with an aluminum wrapped, reinforced spiral shaft that runs the length of the tube. Tenax is laser resistant, with DualCuffsTM for maximum protection against airway fires. Encased in a smooth sheath of silicone, TenaxTM can minimize damage to vocal cords and related anatomy.

Tenex LRET Details

Non-Slip Airway Dilation 

Bruan Medical specifically designed the minially invasive Aeris™ balloon dilation catheter to offer an effective yet safe option for airway stenosis treatment. The Aeris™ balloon is specifically designed with a unique non-slip design and inflates distal and proximal to the stenosis before dilating the treatment area- thus locking it in place and reducing slippage.

Aeris Airway Dilation Balloon
Aeris Mid Inflation
Hemostatic Tech

Resorbable Nasal Spacer

Hemostasis, LLC has developed different hemostatic technologies to meet your needs. Regcognizing that each surgeon’s preferences and the anatomy of each patient’s sinuses are not identical, Hemostasis, LLC has developed multiple platforms of our PosiSep® hemostat sinus splints to meet those varying needs.

Posisep x

Airway Safety Device

Introducing a major advancement in post-operative care for rhinoplasty, nasal and sinus procedures that offers a unique airway device for improved breathing and comfort for patients and a compatible septal splints for structural support.

Clear-Flo Nasal Airway

Posterior Nasal Nerve (PNN) Laser Ablation

The Epic S Laser is used to treat patients with nasal congestion and obstruction with watery rhinorrhea (nasal drip). Possible symptoms include itchy nose, sneezing and runny nose. Nasal obstruction may aggravate sleeping conditions and snoring.

EPIC-S Diode laser
Epic S Diode Laser