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VECTRA F  DRUG DELIVERY MICROSPONGE. Simple, Safe, Effective & Cost Effective

  • Designed for localized drug delivery
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easily placed and hydrated in the frontal ostia in both operating room and clinic
  • Insertion tool provides easy, accurate placement; and drug delivery to microsponge
  • Patented tubular design maintains an open lumen between the sinus and nasal cavity
  • Dissolves away in 3-6 days
  • No special storage or refrigeration required
  • Affordable

VECTRA™ puts localized drug delivery in the hands of surgeons


VECTRA™ was specifically developed to administer medicinal substances to treat nasal disorders. The patented VECTRA™ microsponge is supplied in a compressed tubular design preloaded on one end of an insertion tool. The opposite end of the tool has a Luer fitting which is connected to a syringe containing the medicine to be delivered. The tool is used to place the VECTRA™ microsponge in the frontal ostia. Once in place, the medicine can be delivered to the VECTRA™ device. As the medicine hydrates the VECTRA™ microsponge, the microsponge expands to conform to the anatomy of the ostia. The tool is then removed and the VECTRA™ microsponge remains in place. The intimate contact allows for localized drug delivery to the desired target area.

Vectra F- Frontal Sinus Surgical Placement Videos:

Vectra F Video 1 Right Frontal Placement:

Vectra F Video 2 Left Frontal Placement:

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