EquiSpon Powder (1 gram) or Hemostat Kit (4 or 5 ea/box)


The Invotec Porcine Hemostat Kit contains all the key components to prepare and deliver a hemostat porcine gel. Thrombin may be added to enhance the hemostatic action of the porcine-based gel or putty. Or you can buy the powder alone 1g with a mixing container.

EQP-01    EquiSpon Powder, 1 gram in mixing container (4 each/box)

EQP-01K  Invotec Hemostat Kit (5 each/box)

Kit Contents:

1 Each: EquiSpon Powder

2 Each: 10 cc Syringe

1 Each: Cannula

1 Each: Needle