ENTity XL Flexible Nasopharyngoscope (3.6mm)

ENTity XL Adult Flexible Nasopharyngoscope 3.6mm.

ENTity XL makes diagnostic examination of the nose and throat for viewing of the nasal passageways and larynx as easy to use as a stethoscope.

The ENTity Series of Flexible Fiberoptic Nasopharyngoscopes can be used virtually anywhere you need to be. It is the only flexible endoscope that carries a guaranteed two (2) year warranty due to its reliability and durability. Our patented OptiLux integrated LED illumination system eliminates cumbersome external light boxes while providing exceptional visibility, making the endoscope completely portable. The OptiLux lighting system within the endoscope handle provides superior lighting targeted in the 5500K color temperature range for superior tissue color differentiation.

Flexible Length: 30cm (11.8”)

Overall Length: 53cm (20.9”)

Shaft Diameter: 3.6mm

Weight: 11.6 oz

End Tip Articulation: 135 degrees up / down

Depth of Field: 5mm to 50mm

Field of View: 70 degrees

Battery: Lithium-Ion