Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter (3pk)


Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter is custom engineered to help prevent fluid and aerosol contamination of portable suction systems.

Disposable Hydrophobic Bacteria Filters

  • Provides high flow while blocking aqueous fluids and aerosol contaminants

  • 99.97% D.O.P. retention (0.3 micron particles in air) filter efficiency provides superb protection against bacteria

  • Provides excellent protection against bacteria for personnel who come into contact with the suction system

  • Can be used with virtually any portable suction system

  • Model 3100 barb to 1/8NPT thread is installed on all Gomco aspirators (except the G180 and 305) by simply screwing the threaded end into the vacuum and filter connection

  • Barbed portion of filters accepts 1/4to 1/2ID flexible tubing

  • ***All sales are final***