Nasal Drip Pads- Braided (5 Per PK/20 PK Per Case)


NEW Braided Nasal Drip Pads improve on the original NDP- braiding increases comfort for a more contoured fit and is more absorbent ! Each pack contains 5 BNDP’s and can be given to your patients to bring home after their procedure. Great for use after minor in-office cases too!

The Nasal Drip Pad is an easy to use, absorbent, disposable pad/roll for nasal surgeries including, sinuplasty, septoplasty, and rhinoplasty. Nasal Drip Pads are also a perfect solution for “nosebleeds” and “runny noses.”

Nasal Drip Pads are manufactured with highly absorbent cotton, wrapped in a gauze overlay for comfort. The cotton roll is affixed to stretchable ear-loops designed to comfortably and securely hold roll in place.