PosiSep® C (BX 5 EA), Resorbable Nasal Spacer

PosiSep® C Is a Resorbable Hemostatic Nasal Spacer and comes in a dry, low profile, easily customizable form. Once inserted and hydrated with sterile saline it becomes as a firm sponge and expands within the nasal cavity providing structural support and tissue separation. Thus serving as a resorbable spacer during the acute healing period. PosiSep X is frequently used in FESS, Turbinate Reductions, Polypectomy and Sinuplasty procedures and is hemostatic due to the well studied properties of Chitosan.

  • Easy to place
  • Great visualization
  • Easily conform to the nasal cavity
  • No special storage required
  • Biocompatible – made of naturally occurring chitosan polymers
  • Rapid expansion upon hydration