Spacer Splint



Designed in cooperation with Donald Doyle, MD, FACS :

  • to prevent lateralization of the middle turbinate
  • to prevent adhesion
  • for temporary splinting of the nasal septum
  • for right or left side use
  • easily inserted for patient comfort

Dr. Doyle’s Placement Suggestion*
The slits are placed in the inferior portion of the device and may be used to fold the device to facilitate placement. The curved cuff or trough is placed along the inferior/free edge of the middle turbinate with the open end lateral to the turbinate and the longer splint portion against the nasal septum. After manipulating the splint into the desired position, suture the splint portion to the nasal septum. The cuff should be placed so that the maxillary sinus osteum cannot have direct contact with the mucosa of the middle turbinate.

* Proper surgical procedures and techniques are the responsibility of the medical profession. Each surgeon must evaluate the appropriateness of the procedure based upon current accepted techniques, medical judgment, and experience. The surgical procedure describe above by Donald Doyle, M.D., is provided for the purpose of general information only.