CleanRap™, Armrest cover, 7″x22″ (50/Box)


CleanRap, Armrest cover, 7″x22″

An easy to use protective barrier designed for an ENT chair. CleanRapTM protects the patient from the risk of cross-contamination from airborne aerosols and body fluids. The covers are designed to fit ergonomically to the chair to eliminate surgeon disruption during an exam or procedure. The snug fit design is achieved by allowing the CleanRapTM to be adjusted to the size of the headrest and back of the chair.

The covers are available in three types so that you can choose the best option for your exam/procedure needs: Headrest Covers, Armrest Covers, and Back Cover.

CleanRapTM: simple economical protection for physicians, staff, patients and chairs.

Each product comes in boxes of 50 each.