Equitamp® GOLD™ Sheeting (10 or 20/box)


Equitamp® GOLD™ Sheeting

Hemostat Nasal Dressing- Oxidized, regenerated cellulose

Equitamp® Gold is prepared by oxidizing a suitable form of cellulose, pure viscose. Additional processes are then performed to obtain a pure and high-quality form of oxidized and regenerated cellulose.

Once placed against the tissue, Equitamp is fully resorbed,

independent of the circumstances.

Mode of Application

Equitamp may be in dry form or after immersion in physiological saline. It must be pressed against the hemorrhage site. The gauze may remain in situ (after strict asceptic measures have been taken). The gauze completely decomposes with a week or may be discharged by natural means.


• Sterile

• Open woven structure

• Shelf life 5 years post production

• Fast hemostatic effect (2 to 4 minutes)

• Fully resorbable by means of enzymatic resorption and hydrolysis.

• Resorption time 4-6 days in contact with blood.

• No tissue reaction and no hypersensitivity

• Maximum tensile strength and easy to handle

• Independently proven bactericidal against MRSA, MRSE, VRE and PRSP