Flexible Rhinolaryngoscope HD Video System

HD Flexible Rhinolaryngoscope Video System

  • HD Endoscopic video camera 1CCD chip, including camera head and coupler
  • Add MediCapture MVR-Pro for image and video capture capabilities
  • HD platform pairs perfectly with our Strobolux III system for a stroboscope tower
  • 100 Watt LED light source with single Storz style port
  • Fiber optic cable Storz/Storz (scope source) style, 3.5′ X 10′
  • High quality video monitorL, 22”
  • Endoscopic video cart and flat panel mount
    • Light options:
      • 50 W LED light source with 4 turret port
      • 250 W Halogen light source, Storz style port
      • 180 W Xenon light source with 3 port turret