OPTOMIC OP-S10 ENT Ergonomic Examination Chair

OPTOMIC’s OP-S10 chairs have been designed by ENT specialists for ENT specialists. Doctors from all over the world have provided their knowledge and experience for the design of these chairs.

One of the main ergonomic advantages of this chair is the possibility it offers the specialist, due to its well studied design, of easily and comfortably reaching every area of the patient that requires examination. OPTOMIC has developed a chair designed for the comfort of both patient and doctor.

  • 16 programmable position memories
  • High, 440 lb weight capacity
  • Synchronized sliding backrest
  • Electrical up/down and backrest movement (Keypad movement control)
  • 4 keypads with 4 programmable buttons each
  • 300° chair rotation
  • Electromagnetic rotation and brake
  • STOP key allows user to prevent accidental movement
  • Hideaway fold down armrests
  • Trendelenburg position (-10° inclination)
  • 80° nasal exam backrest position
  • Headrest is height and inclination adjustable
  • Blue, gray and black color upholstery