Reliance 310 Treatment Cabinet

**Only available for order in New England, NY, NJ & FL (Eastern)**

Conserve space and money

The new 310 (replaces the Model 150) is a sturdy, affordable American-made cabinet with a narrow footprint. Choose from eight laminate surface options and functional additions such as an attached LED light switch and concealed drawer warmer.


  • Spacious laminated work surface cleans up quickly and provides ample room for charting
  • 1200cc disposable suction container
  • Two Welch Allyn instruments
  • Three-piece glassware set
  • Vacuum and pressure pumps and hoses
  • Black laminate top standard
  • Instruments are strategically placed above the work surface but within reach
  • Drawer inserts keep instruments segregated and organized


  • Overall height: 48″
  • Height to work surface: 35”
  • Width: 25”
  • Depth: 20 7/16”